Nigeria: More Kidnappings and attacks by Boko Haram

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           A devastated parent of one of the kidnapped girls

     I’m outraged at the recent kidnappings by Boko Haram  in the same location where the 200 Chibok Girls were kidnapped in April which sparked international attention and the #BringBackOurGirls campaign.
      Aji Khalil, the leader of a local group set up to defend villagers, said Boko Haram militants abducted about 91 persons including 30 young boys and men.
     “Some suspected Boko Haram members invaded and kidnapped 91 persons. More than 60 married women and young girls as well as children, young men were forcefully taken away by Boko Haram terrorists. Four villagers who tried to escape were shot dead on the spot,” he told reporters.
A local government official in Borno state, Nigeria, reported similar figures.
    “More than 60 women were hijacked and forcefully taken away by the terrorists,” he said. The village of…

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