Information Bombed

Girls Night In

Confession. Despite my deep and abiding love for Jesus, I was also a huge fan of Sex and the City.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/ Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

The made-for-TV version hooked me. I was recently reminded of one episode in particular. Carrie, the main character of the show, met a new guy, Jack Berger, and had a flirtatious extended meeting/impromptu date with him. After much conversation, walking and shared laughter, she decided to invite him to attend an event with her. He responded by casually telling her that his “girlfriend’s parents are coming over to visit them,” so he couldn’t make it.

Carrie described it as a bomb going off again and again. Girlfriend. Live together. Parents. Serious relationship. It was one of those disorienting moments that stretch on and on as one tries to process the information they’ve just received.

Life imitated art for me in the…

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