LG’s G Watch: designing a blank canvas for Android Wear


The G Watch is minimal. The shape aims to bring Android Wear front and center. ?The content floats.? The lack of toggles, buttons and periphery is all intentional. ?A lack of ornamentation,? is how Chul Bae Lee, VP of mobile design puts it. But it didn?t start out that way. Lee gestures at a soft sheet where there are roughly 10 prototypes of varying shapes and profiles. It?s the ?What If?? of LG wearable design, but because these designs are still in LG?s collective brain for possible future use, we?re not allowed to take photos, although it doesn?t stop us from using our words.

We pore over the early prototypes, which are built and machine-finished to seem like the real thing. They intentionally have a slight weight to them, even if there are no electronics inside. One has a brushed-steel finish along a thick bottom bezel, while some jarring LG…

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