Let’s Talk About (Safe) Sex, Baby!

Sarah Kurihara





According to world data from 2012, Lesotho has the second highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the world, only after Swaziland, its similarly sized neighbor. The statistics are overwhelming and frightening – the current prevalence rate in Lesotho is 23.1%, meaning almost one in four adults aged 15-49 are HIV positive!


Living among people both infected and affected by the virus has been eye-opening in ways one might not predict. It is clear that there is a serious problem here – deaths are all too common and most weekends consist of at least one funeral. But besides the onslaught of deaths, people really don’t talk about it and in many ways it is taboo to bring it up. Even though some girls in Lesotho loose their virginity as young as the age of 10, no one feels comfortable discussing it. Boy and girls and even men…

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