Critics say more needs to be done to prevent another Lac-Megantic disaster

Global News

ABOVE: Shocking cellphone footage from the disaster in Lac-Megantic (July 6, 2013)

OTTAWA – Periodic flurries of federal regulation, rule-making and reassurance followed the rail disaster last July that killed 47 people, destroyed dozens of buildings and contaminated waterways in a small Quebec town.

But one year after the tragedy in Lac-Megantic, opposition MPs and a leading environmental group say still bolder steps are required to prevent another fiery and catastrophic derailment of an oil-laden train.

The quantity of oil that’s moving by rail is growing by leaps and bounds, and is being carried on a system of tracks that was never intended to handle such a huge volume of dangerous goods, they warn.

“We built the railway to unite the country and we built a lot of our cities and towns and municipalities around the railway,” said Liberal transport critic David McGuinty.

“If we were redesigning it today, we…

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