He Is Just 15!!….David Beckham’s First Son Now Dating An Actress

s: 1916



He is just 15 years old and he already has a girlfriend signed and approved by his parents…Lol. According to Mirror, they have been dating for three months. Well, who wouldn’t want to date a Beckham?..Afterall he looks cute just like his father, and surly every some teenage girl’s dream boy to date.

The son of Posh and Becks is dating Hollywood starlet Chloe Moretz who, at 17, is two years his senior. The pair who have been dating for three months, recently had a romantic hook-up at Paris Fashion Week and plan to spend the school holidays together in LA.

A source said: “They were introduced through mutual friends, and have the same social circle back in Los Angeles.

 “They speak all the time and enjoy hanging out together, just doing what teenagers do. “Both David and Victoria have given them their blessing.”

For me I think he is still too young to go into romantic relationships. Just friends is okay but not dating. 


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