Let’s HYPE you until you become a STAR.

Now you can put your MUSIC on our BLOG as many times as you want, as many tracks as you have, anytime you like, 24/7 for 365 days.

We will then take your SONG from our BLOG and also HYPE it on our TWITTER page, on our FACEBOOK page and on our GOOGLE+ page.

Then we’ll INTERVIEW you on VIDEO and put it on HYPESTAR TV, our YouTube channel + upcoming TV Show.

And YOU get MORE!

We’ll also take your SONG to RADIO, so you get frequent AIRPLAYS.


All for a token YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION of just 35k – a small contribution on your part to move YOU to STARDOM.

Believe me, HYPESTAR is not just another music blog, WE ARE THE BRIDGE THAT LINKS YOUR GREATNESS. You can’t cross us and remain the same.

Contact us NOW on 08035533391, 08148952100, 08085784569

Follow us on twitter @HypeStarNG



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